Given her first guitar at the age of 17, Lucy has been singing her story through song ever since. Raised in Ohio and adult-grown across American roads East to West, Lucy's gypsy spirit has led the way most of her life.  An artist by nature, music was self-taught and songs began as stories of her journey, often written inside a van, a tent or a roadside hotel room.  Decades later, this story continues through her seasoned songs, creating an audibly trenchant, palpable experience of the human heart.

"It's a Rose",  the latest collection of original songs, was written and recorded in New Mexico at Frogville Records.  

Hot Honey (members include Lucy Barna, Paige Barton, Lori Ottino and bassist Doug Meijer) was formed in 2012 in the tiny artist town of Madrid, NM, an unmatched place where desert grit and originality forever steer the times.  The acclaimed Appalachian-Sass trio quickly garnered regional attention with their songwriting and performance and soon became regular fixtures in the Americana scene.   In 2013, Hot Honey garnered 3 top awards in the Santa Fe music scene- Best New Local Band, Best Alt/County Band, and Best Rock Band.   

In 2016, fellow band member Paige Barton relocated to the southeast coast to pursue individual work projects and Hot Honey permutated into a touring band who reunites for small tour schedules (and sheer occasion...)  "It's Sticky, a Raw Ep" was released 2016.

New 2019 project, High Hippy Associates, is a multi-member ensemble with James Westbay, Henry Sutro, and Busy McCarroll, performing favorite cover tunes from the 60’s-90’s, with contagious vocal harmonies and nostalgic crowd appeal.


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